PC-4000 Panoramic X-Ray System

The advanced PC-4000 sensor technology creates vibrant digital imaging quality featuring EV Clarity, a unique one-click tool which easily eliminates spinal column distortion. The PC-4000 image set also combines diagnostic volume where X-rays are not converted to light, therefore no blurring occurs and image clarity and contrast are increased up to 300%.

The simple design of the PC-4000 makes it easy to produce clear digital panoramic images. We focus on designing easy-to-use, durable, and affordable panoramic x-ray systems that produce exceptional images. 

Award Winning Product:

Conducted over a six month clinical evaluation, the PC-4000 Digital Panoramic Imaging System was awarded a FOUR ++++ rating by The Dental Advisor in 2012 and was also award  BEST PRODUCT by Dental Product Shopper in 2011.


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